Clinical Benefits

Clinical Benefits for Patients

By conducting lab tests at the point of care, patients and practices can experience several benefits, includ


Immediate diagnosis
The ability to conduct lab tests on-site and receive results quickly allows for faster diagnosis and monitoring of a patient’s condition.


Increased patient engagement
When patients receive their test results quickly, they tend to be more involved in their own care and more compliant with treatment.


Faster treatment decisions
Quicker test results enable physicians to initiate or adjust treatment right away, rather than waiting for results from an off-site lab.


More efficient medication adjustments
With immediate test results, doctors can quickly adjust a patient’s medication regimen, preventing deterioration that could lead to hospitalization.


More control and customization
By bringing the lab in-house, physicians can customize test panels and targets to better suit their specific needs.

Sanford Guide Integration

Is interactive, allowing prescribers to get targeted information with one click
Treatment recommendations for detected pathogens and pertinent syndromes are seamlessly presented within the lab report. Prescribers can then deep dive into comprehensive drug information and related topics using an online portal. Sanford Guide empowers clinicians with the resources needed to make decisions efficiently and with confidence, which in turn saves time, saves money, and improves patient outcomes.

Program Benefits

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